Known Issues (Updated on 11/15)

Thank you for playing Terra Battle 2.

The following is a list of known issues in the current version of the game that we are working to address.


[Issues Under Investigation]
This list is current as of 11:00 PM PST on November 15, 2017.

▼Issues posted on 11/15
・The amount of Quest Medals held is not updated correctly after selling an item.
Note: this is a cosmetic issue that can be fixed by closing and opening the app.

▼Issues posted on 11/9
・On iOS devices, when signing into an iTunes Store account through the Energy Shop for the first time, the sign-in prompt will appear endlessly if the "cancel" button is tapped. To solve this issue, force close the app, then open it again.

・Under certain conditions, Guardians not in the player’s possession appear in the Setup and Inventory screens.

・The game freezes during a certain event in Chapter 7.
*Until a permanent fix can be applied, players can close and re-open the game, then resume Chapter 7 to fix this issue.

・Guardians and Companions that are unlocked but had been locked previously are not shown as usable on the Upgrade or Sell screens.

▼Issues posted on 10/31
・Regarding Guardians that learn skills with an effect (such as Weapon Mastery), the effect of these skills may be displayed in the Info window even if the Guardian has not yet learned the skill. (This is only a cosmetic issue and does not affect gameplay.)

・Under certain conditions, the Upgrade screen may show equipped items as eligible materials.

■Regarding achievements
To further our investigation into the unresolved issues surrounding achievements, we temporarily disabled the achievement feature on 10/19. New achievements will be made available once these issues are resolved. We will post a separate notice at that time.


[Other Resolved Issues]
We had addressed the following issues. However, if players encounter the following issues, we kindly ask that they take the measures outlined below:

■An issue affecting Wi-Fi connections
During maintenance on October 19, we updated the app to improve Wi-Fi connection issues.

If players encounter connection errors, we ask that they confirm their device and network settings.
If that does not solve the problem, please wait for some time before trying to connect again.

■Regarding an issue affecting the Upgrade feature
On 10/31, the following issue affecting the Guardian and equipment Upgrade feature was addressed with a temporary measure that prevents Upgrading using the below method.

As this is only a temporary solution, we kindly ask all players to avoid upgrading Guardians or equipment in the manner described below until a permanent fix for this issue can be applied.

・Details and cases in which it may occur
→When a player upgrades a Guardian, then immediately upgrades a piece of equipment, this issue affects the piece of equipment.

1. If this piece of equipment is upgraded multiple times in succession, its stats will not be changed properly.
2. If this piece of equipment is upgraded to the maximum level, the Upgrade button may appear usable when it should appear unusable. If pressed, the upgrade process will appear to proceed and the upgrade materials will be lost, but the equipment will not actually be upgraded.

→When a player upgrades a piece of equipment, then immediately upgrades a Guardian, this issue affects the Guardian.

1. If this Guardian is upgraded multiple times in succession, its stats will not be changed properly.
2. If this Guardian is upgraded to the maximum level, Skill Boost, Union, and Luck, the Upgrade button may appear usable when it should appear unusable. If pressed, the upgrade process will appear to proceed and the upgrade materials will be lost, but the Guardian will not actually be upgraded.

In either case, this issue only affects the Guardian or equipment upgraded second.

■Updated on 11/15
・Fixed an issue affecting the unlimited-stock items for sale in the Un and Deux Stores as summarized below:

Items purchased from the Un or Deux Stores can be retrieved from the Inbox only when retrieving them would not cause the amount held to exceed the maximum amount allowed in inventory. However, an issue occurs when a player attempts to purchase (then retrieve) more items than they can hold.

We have addressed this issue by adding batch purchase limits to unlimited-stock items for sale in the Un and Deux Stores. Now, players can only purchase up to the maximum amount of an item that they can hold.

For players unable to retrieve their purchases due to this issue, we have split the affected batch into smaller batches so that the purchases are now retrievable from the Inbox.

Please note that players will still not be able to retrieve items from the Inbox when doing so would cause them to exceed the amount allowed. In that case, please use or sell the affected item before attempting to retrieve more of it from the Inbox.

■Updated on 10/19
・Chapter 5 does not end even if the ending condition is met.
We have addressed the issue that prevents Chapter 5 from finishing once the boss is defeated, as well as the issue that prevents players from proceeding with the Chapter. In addition, we have added visual indicators to the field map showing where to go to trigger the ending.

Affected players should quit and retry Chapter 5.


The following issues have been resolved, and players need not take any action. To ensure that the following fixes are in effect, please return to the Title screen if you had the app open before maintenance began.

■Updated on 11/15
・Fixed an issue affecting the Mukumba and Mukumba RNA icons on the Setup and Inventory screens.

・Fixed an issue affecting the placement of the pop-up shown when receiving Guardian Union rewards.

・Fixed an issue that made it appear as if additional equipment was gained when characters were swapped in or out of the party during certain story events. (This was a cosmetic issue, and no additional equipment was gained.)

・Fixed an issue that caused the Pact confirmation pop-up to remain on-screen if the Back button (at the top of the screen, or built into the device) was tapped at the same time as the "10 times" or "Once" button.

・Fixed an issue affecting certain sound effects played when exiting the Friends screen.

・Fixed an issue that caused Guardian or character art to appear incorrectly when certain icons were tapped immediately after opening the Unit Details screen.

■Updated on 11/9
・The range and description of Velick DNA's "Fire Attack+10%" (upgraded to 50% at level 90) skill listed in the Pact imagery do not match those coded in-game.

・Incorrect rewards appeared from the Lucky Treasure Chest of Fenrir and Nidhogg.

・After setting a Sort filter, if the player taps a Guardian, then taps the Upgrade or Sell button, the game may freeze.

・Game freezes when receiving co-op rewards from the Inbox if inventory is full.

・When using Sort filters on the Setup screen, equipped Guardians and/or equipment may not appear listed first.

・Under certain conditions, the maximum level of unleashed equipment may appear to be incorrect.(This is only a cosmetic issue and does not affect gameplay.)

・Guardian Union rewards are not displayed when the Guardian details screen is accessed from the Party screen.

・Under certain conditions, the Unleash button may appear usable when it is in fact unusable. If pressed, it may appear that the equipment is being unleashed multiple times, but this is a cosmetic issue, and does not actually unleash the equipment.

・Under certain conditions, items selected for sale may disappear from the Sell window.

・When recoding a Guardian from DNA to RNA or vice versa, the Guardian's artwork may not update to reflect their new form. (This is only a cosmetic issue and can be fixed by loading another screen.)

・The game freezes when an icon (such as Quest or Story) is tapped on the World screen immediately after closing the News screen.

・On Android devices, the game freezes when the Frendon/Frenda details screen back button is tapped.

・The wrong message is displayed in the Inbox when Guardians, equipment, Companions, or items are sold.

■Updated on 10/31
・(Added on 11/1) When converting Quest Medals to Deux Coins, the rate is not shown correctly.

・(Added on 11/1) Under certain conditions, Recode Quests cannot be finished because of an error.

・Samatha's Union rewards are displayed incorrectly.

・The Double Dice Companion's effect (use of both main and off-hand weapon skill ranges) is not shown when equipped on the Setup screen.

・The Magical Attack of the Headband and Leather Hat (armor) decreases when Upgraded.

・When attacks that have both a physical and elemental component strike an enemy that is resistant to that element, the damage of the physical component is also reduced.

・When equipped in a particular way, one piece of equipment can be equipped to multiple characters.

・Under certain conditions, the zoom buttons on the Co-op quest screen cannot be tapped.

■Updated on 10/19 (revised on 10/31)
・The Guardian Recode button appears greyed out under certain conditions, even when the Guardian is eligible for recoding.

・The icon indicating that a Guardian is recodable does not appear even when all conditions for recoding are met.

・The icon indicating that a Guardian is recodable appears even when all conditions for recoding are not met.

・Certain Guardians/equipment received from the Pact of Genes/Elements appears as received from the Pact of Resolve in the Inbox.

・The levels and experience values of default Guardians are displayed incorrectly.

・An issue that makes a friend’s Guardian appear as a different Guardian after entering a story or quest battle. (This is a cosmetic issue, and the Guardian shown in the friend list is the one who participates in the battle.)

・Under certain conditions, the Party screen can be scrolled up and down.

■Updated on 10/12
・The amount of Stamina shown in the counter does not update correctly after hosting a co-op battle.

・Players cannot join a co-op squad when more than one squad is displayed on the Squad Selection screen.

・The \"Synchronizing...\" message prevents joining co-op quests under certain conditions.

・The game closes after the player accepts the prompt to rejoin a co-op quest.

・The wrong Guardian appears equipped on Frendon/Frenda after selecting them for a story or event quest.

■Updated on 10/6
・Items in the Un Store do not restock.

・"[1291] Connection Error" is displayed during Chapter2, and the game returns to the title screen.

・Only Kukurakan and Nene remain in the party if the game is closed before clearing Chapter 2.

・In Chapter 3, certain treasure can only be acquired by following a certain path.

・Chapter 4 cannot be cleared if two specific enemies are defeated in the same battle.

・When ranking up, the stamina refill animation is shown, but the stamina indicator does not change (despite the player’s stamina being refilled).

・When upgraded to maximum level and equipped on a Guardian, certain equipment shows its level as 1 on the battle result screen.

・Certain equipment is shown as unleashing material despite being locked.

・Certain equipment is shown as sellable despite being equipped.

・The co-op quest timer shows an abnormal number, preventing the player from starting a new co-op quest.

・Union rewards are not received even when the conditions are fulfilled.

・Equipment stats and skills are not shown correctly during the story or quests.

■Issues posted before 10/6
・An error appears preventing further play if the maximum number of people (10) join a co-op quest.

・Using a Mighty (C Class) co-op reward to upgrade a Guardian causes an error message to be displayed and the Guardian to disappear.


We will update this list as developments occur.

Please accept our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience that these issues have caused.

We appreciate your understanding and support, and will do our utmost to continue providing an enjoyable play experience.

We hope you enjoy your journey across Terra!

The Terra Battle 2 Team