New Event Quest: Fenrir!

Thank you for playing Terra Battle 2.

The great beast Fenrir arrives in Terra!

Duration: Available until further notice*
Stamina cost: 5 (Easy), 10 (Normal), 15 (Hard)

*In the future, the duration may be changed, or the quest may be removed.

Defeat Fenrir for a chance to gain him as a Guardian.

In addition, the following companions have a chance to drop at certain difficulties:

Normal drops:
ATK Earrings 5 (increases Attack by 5)
MATK Earrings 5 (increases Magical Attack by 5)

Hard drops:
Skill Organ +5% (increases skill frequency by 5%)
Magic Pot 50 (increases MP by 50)

Fenrir is a beast (in more ways than one!), so Guardians with the Beast Exterminator skill will really shine in this battle. Your Warriors can put a huge dent in his HP with their physical attacks, too. Don't forget to level up and unleash your weapons for maximum carnage! Good luck!

We hope you enjoy your journey across Terra!

The Terra Battle 2 Team