(Important)Issue occuring in Recode Quest (Updated 5:55 AM on October 31) Updated!

Thank you for playing Terra Battle 2.

After maintenance on October 31, an issue affecting Recode Quests was discovered and fixed.

Under certain conditions, players may have encountered an issue that prevented them from finishing Recode Quests.

We have addressed this issue by correcting the game server settings.

If players encounter a connection error during Recode Quests, we kindly ask that they quit the quest and restart the app.

As compensation for this issue, we have sent 1 Normal Energy to the Inbox of every account that existed before 5:10 AM PDT on October 31.

Please accept our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience that this issue may have caused.

We appreciate your understanding and support, and will do our utmost to continue providing an enjoyable play experience.

We hope you enjoy your journey across Terra!

The Terra Battle 2 Team