Terra Battle 2 Collaborates with an ink painter, Yu-ki Nishimoto!

We are happy to annouce ink painter Yu-ki Nishimoto's participation in Terra Battle 2's Download Starter.

Mr. Nishimoto is a prominent ink painter in Japan who is globally known for his unique vigorous touch of the brush. In 2015, he released a new modern art-style he calls "Toubokuga." Painting on porcelin plates with glaze and firing them gives his dynamic brush strokes a life that will not fade for a thousand years. The collaboration between ink painting and nature turned became a big success, and his production hub in Fukui Prefecture, "Yu-ki Nishimoto Toubokuga Gallery," has many local and international visitors.

Mistwalker is currently running the Download Starter project for Terra Battle, in which a certain number of downloads will get an artist to participate in the game. We plan to roll out a new "Download Starter" for Terra Battle 2 with a slight twist. Mr. Nishimoto will be joining as a Download Starter artist. So, please stay tuned for the updoming Terra Battle 2.

Yu-ki Nishimoto Biography
Ink painting/Toubokuga artist.
Born in 1988 in Kagoshima Prefecture. Affiliated with Jeniette LLC.
He is not bound by traditional techniques and pursues to create art full of movements and powerfulness through the touch of his brush that is both bold yet delicate.
His works range from classic motifs such as dragons and samurais to modern ones such as athletes and musicians.
Being unconventional, he tries different things on a global stage including exhibitions, live performances, CGs and videos, and collaborating outside his field.

Yu-ki Nishimoto Associated Websites
・Official Website (English):http://yuki-nishimoto.com/en/
・Official Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/yu_ki.nishimoto
・Official Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/yuki.nishimoto.works