Maintenance has ended (1:15 AM PDT on March 13)

Thank you for playing Terra Battle 2.

During the maintenance that began at 10:00 PM PDT on March 12, we made the following updates:

・Start of "A Labor of Love" White Day Event
・Start of White Day Login Bonus
・Updated Pact lineup
・End of "Amath Made in Heaven" Pact
・Improvements to existing features and fixes for known issues

■White Day Login Bonus
Gifts for that special someone: you! Log in every day during the bonus period to receive a special White Day gift!

Included in the lineup are goodies like Normal Energy, A Class Zappers, A Class Mighties, a Pact of Resolve Ticket, Metal Tickets, and even the SS Class event-exclusive Candycraft Caster!

*White Day login bonuses can be obtained from 4:00 AM PDT on March 14 until 4:00 AM PDT on March 28.
*The White Day login bonuses will not be available after 4:00 AM PDT on March 28, regardless of how many bonuses you obtain. Log in every day to get them all!
*White Day login bonuses can be obtained together with the standard login bonus, Rediscover Terra campaign bonus, and Try Terra campaign bonus.

■Fixes for known issues and improvements to existing features
→Improvements to existing features
▼The skill descriptions and condition descriptions of certain Guardian and enemy skills that cause status effects have been re-written to make those effects easier to understand.
*The effects and ranges of the skills have not been changed—only the way in which they are presented to the player.

▼To combat clutter on the Quests screen, the Leviathan, Zmey, Fenrir, Nidhogg, Ajishi/Unjishi, and A Brush with Fate quests have been grouped together under the heading "Descended Quests."

▼To combat clutter on the Quests screen, the Once Upon a Time quests have been moved to the heading "Story Quests."

▼On the Sell screen, the number of items to sell can now be entered directly using your device's keyboard.
*The existing plus and minus buttons may still be used.

→Fixes for known issues
Issues not included below can be found on the News site FAQ at: http://en.terrabattle2.com/faq.php

▼Under certain conditions, a co-op quest can be started while one Guardian or no Guardians are selected.

▼If changes to the party were made from the Quest screen, those changes may not be shown on the co-op screen.

▼On the Party and Setup screens, the unleash level of unleashed equipment may be shown as one level too low.

▼After maintenance on February 26, enemies in the battle with Bahamut in Chapter 2 may not be killed by his attacks.

▼If the screen is tapped repeatedly while a Union reward is being received, the game may crash.

▼The game may crash while receiving a login bonus.

As compensation for this maintenance, we have sent 3 Normal Energy to the Inbox of every account that existed before maintenance began.

We appreciate your understanding and support, and will do our utmost to continue providing an enjoyable play experience.

We hope you enjoy your journey across Terra!

The Terra Battle 2 Team