New Quest: A Brush with Fate! Check out the Guardians from November Download Starter artist Yuki Nishimoto!

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Sometimes things are just black and white...

New quest bosses Samrai, Ame-no-Uzume, and Ryujin have been given form by the amazing ink painter Yuki Nishimoto as part of the November Download Starter.

Take them on in the new "A Brush with Fate" series of quests, and you might get lucky enough to turn foe into friend!

Available until further notice*

*In the future, the duration may be changed, or the quests may be removed.

▼Stamina cost
5 (Samrai), 10 (Ame-no-Uzume), 15 (Ryujin)

・New Quest Half-Stamina Campaign
To celebrate their debut, we have halved the Stamina cost of the Samrai, Ame-no-Uzume, and Ryujin quests from the end of maintenance on February 26 until 10:00 PM PDT on March 12!

During the campaign, Samrai's quest costs 2 Stamina, Ame-no-Uzume's costs 5, and Ryujin's costs 7.

▼How to play
From the World screen, tap "Quests," then "A Brush with Fate." Each boss has their own quest.

Clear the quests for a chance at the November Download Starter rewards: three Guardians straight out of the unique mind of Yuki Nishimoto.

・Samrai (S Class Guardian)
This Warrior uses the Foresight skill to evade physical attacks while delivering punishing physical attacks of his own with his trusty katana. He comes ready with a suite of slashes designed to bring the pain in DNA or RNA form.

・Ame-no-Uzume (S Class Guardian)
This Wind Healer can maximize her appeal in her Healer RNA form with the area-of-effect Charming Conga, or do a complete 180 and become a Wind magic machine in her Mage DNA form.

・Ryujin (S Class Guardian)
This Ice Spellblade loves his liquor and offers an area-of-effect Sleep skill in his DNA form with Booze Snooze. His RNA form includes the valuable Levitation skill, allowing him to ignore traps on the battlefield and attack with impunity.

*The above Guardians are not guaranteed to drop. In addition to the Guardians, items not listed above also have a chance to drop.

■About the Download Starter
The Download Starter provides incentives for players to download Terra Battle 2 by offering various rewards. Possible rewards include custom art by famous artists, new game modes, new game content, and books/figurines featuring Terra Battle 2 characters.

Through this endeavor, we hope that various creators will come together and use the smartphone version as a starting point to turn our vision into an even greater reality.

For further details, visit the Terra Battle 2 website below:

We hope you enjoy your journey across Terra!

The Terra Battle 2 Team