The Infernal Keep co-op quest is BACK with an all-new difficulty, Heartbreaker! Greater risk, greater rewards!

Infernal Keep is back to break some hearts as the go-to baddie to beat during the Valentine's Day event "Sweet Surrender!" Can your party overcome the challenge of the newest difficulty, Heartbreaker? Join your friends and find out!

Defeat Infernal Keep to earn Charming Chocolates. This new item can be used to forge Amath Made in Heaven, a special Pact available only during this event!

From: after maintenance on February 13
To: 9 PM PST on February 26
Stamina cost: 0 to join; 10 (Easy), 15 (Normal), or 20 (Heartbreaker) to host*

*Only the host player must spend stamina. Stamina cost increases with difficulty.

■Earn Charming Chocolates!
Defeat Infernal Keep on Easy, Normal, or Heartbreaker difficulty to earn Charming Chocolates. The higher the difficulty, the more Charming Chocolates you earn! However, you won't earn any Charming Chocolates unless you damage the boss at least once, so be sure to jump in and help your friends out!

Collect 30 Charming Chocolates to forge Amath Made in Heaven, a special Pact available on the event screen. Chances to win weapons like the event-exclusive Sweetheart Staff and even rare items and Guardians await!

*If you win the battle, you will receive Charming Chocolates in addition to the standard rewards.
*If you lose the battle, you will not receive any Charming Chocolates.

■Fight, win, profit!
Standard rewards for defeating Infernal Keep fall into two categories, and include equipment and Co-op Medals needed to recode Guardians!

▼Clear Reward: defeat the boss!
Defeat Infernal Keep within the allotted time to earn Clear Rewards. You will receive different rewards depending on how much damage you deal to the boss, so go all-out!

The lineup of Normal difficulty rewards includes Taiyou-tou, an A rank katana! Plus, all difficulties award Co-op Medals!

*Taiyou-tou does not appear in the Easy difficulty reward lineup.

▼Host Reward: host a game!
Hosts will receive an extra Co-op Medal at the end of their game. Unlike items, hosts are guaranteed to get this reward, so host away!

*Co-op Medals are used to recode Guardians.
*You must defeat the boss to be eligible for Clear Rewards.
*You must host the game to be eligible for the Host Reward.

Fight well, and good luck!

The Terra Battle 2 Team