Maintenance has ended (1:00 AM PST on January 30)

Thank you for playing Terra Battle 2.

During the maintenance that began at 9:00 PM PST on January 29, we made the following updates:

■New story chapter (Chapter 9: Among the Ancients) and shop (Trois Store)
The latest chapter in the Terra Battle 2 saga, "Among the Ancients," is now available! Players who have cleared Chapter 8, "Once Upon a Time," are able to play it immediately.

In addition, the Trois Store is now available to players who have cleared Chapter 8. Be sure to check out the wealth of items on offer!

*Trois Coins necessary for making purchases in the Trois Store can be found in Chapter 9.

We hope you continue to enjoy unraveling the magic and mystery of Terra!

■Updated Pact lineup
Four brand-new Guardians are featured in the Pact of Enigmatic Genes! This Pact has five stages, with higher stages offering better chances at the rarest Guardians.

What's more, the Pact of Bountiful Elements (that had previously been removed due to an issue with its banner imagery) is back!

For further information, please see the separate notice entitled "Pact lineup updated with four new Guardians! Plus, Pact of Bountiful Elements returns!"

■New achievements
The "Unraveling Terra" and "Back for More" achievements have been expanded with new goals. Aim to complete them all!

■App update notice
We released the latest version of the game to the iTunes and Google Play Stores on 1/23. This version is required to play after maintenance on 1/29. We kindly ask that players update the game via the respective store.

■Fixes for known issues and improvements to existing features
→Improvements to existing features
▼Hosting Reward added to Co-op Play; Lost battle result screen adjusted
Players who host a co-op game will now receive one Co-op Medal as a reward at the conclusion of the battle, regardless of their rank.

*You must host the game to be eligible for the Host Reward.

In addition, the battle result screen shown after lost battles has been adjusted.

▼User Interface option added to framerate settings
In additon to the existing standard battle setting, players may now choose to run the user interface at 30 FPS or 60 FPS (the default setting is 30 FPS).

*The framerate during co-op battles and field movement will not be affected.
*Even recommended models may not support a stable 60 FPS framerate.

▼Experience distribution method has been adjusted
After battle, earned experience will no longer be distributed to Guardians at maximum level. Instead, the total earned experience will be split between Guardians not yet at maximum level.

▼Elemental advantages are now shown during battle
When a skill activates during battle, its name will change color if its elemental affinity is advantageous against the affected enemy.

▼The image file format has changed
To improve the game's performance, the file type of certain images was changed starting with the maintenance on January 29.

*This maintenance will only change part of the images. The remaining images will be changed in a subsequent maintenance.

Due to this change, players must re-download affected images when they log in for the first time after maintenance. Depending on the device's specifications and the connection to the network, this download may take some time. In addition, the download may not be successful if your device does not have enough free storage space. We kindly ask that players check how much free space is left on their device before beginning the download.

→Fixes for known issues
Issues not included below can be found on the News site FAQ at http://en.terrabattle2.com/faq.php.

▼Changes to Guardian skills
・Ohryu DNA
Due to changes made to the field map after Ohryu DNA was released, her field skill has been renamed and given an additional effect:

[F] Vigilance
Prevents the enemy from striking first on their next turn.

[F] Preparation +3
Prevents the enemy from striking first in the next battle. Enemies are delayed by three turns.

・Ajishi DNA
The name of the "Magical Defense +10%" skill has been changed to "Magical Defense +20%," with a corresponding increase in efficacy.

・Unjishi DNA
The frequency of the "Darkness Amp (1.5x)" skill is 30%, but was listed as 50%. During the maintenance on January 29, the frequency was increased to 50%.

The frequency of the "Magical Defense +10%" skill is Darkness, 30%, but was listed as Darkness, 50%. During the maintenance on January 29, the frequency was increased to Darkness, 50%.

▼Changes to Guardian races
The following Guardian races are incorrect and were fixed during the maintenance on January 29. Players using skills that depend on Guardian races (such as "Lizardfolk Mob") are kindly asked to keep these changes in mind when forming their party.

・Mukumba was changed from Beastfolk to Machine
・Xarander was changed from Human to Demon
・Shean was changed from Beastfolk to Divine Beast
・Bibi'lamia was changed from Machine to Demon

▼When editing a party directly from the Quest starting screen, the edits do not appear to take effect. (This is a cosmetic issue that does not affect gameplay.)

▼The level of unleashed equipment is not shown correctly when examining a friend's Unit. (This is a cosmetic issue that does not affect gameplay.)

▼The amount of recode items in the inventory appears to be unchanged after recoding a Guardian. (This is a cosmetic issue, and the recode items were used.)

▼The "!" mark indicating completed achievements does not appear, and/or the "!" mark indicating new items in the Inbox does not appear.

▼When changing friend avatars, previously-equipped Guardians and equipment may become unequipped or replaced.
*If the friend avatar has never been used before, it will be equipped with a default Guardian and no equipment. Since each friend avatar’s set of equipment is independent, this is the intended behavior.

▼Previously-equipped Guardians do not appear as materials on the Upgrade or Sell screens.

As compensation for this maintenance, we have sent 3 Normal Energy to the Inbox of every account that existed before maintenance began.

We appreciate your understanding and support, and will do our utmost to continue providing an enjoyable play experience.

We hope you enjoy your journey across Terra!

The Terra Battle 2 Team