Maintenance Announcement (From 1/29 at 9:00 PM PST) (updated on 1/23)

Thank you for playing Terra Battle 2.

We will begin maintenance at 9:00 PM PST on January 29 to update the game. This maintenance is scheduled to end at 1:00 AM PST on January 30, but may take longer if unforeseen issues arise.

■This maintenance is for the following:
・Addition of Chapter 9: Among the Ancients
・Opening of the Trois Store on the world map*
・Updated Pact lineup
・Improvements to existing features and fixes for known issues

*After the maintenance on January 29, the Trois Store will be available to players who have finished Chapter 8.

・App improvements and update notice (updated on 1/23)
▼Changes to the image file format
To improve the game's performance, the file type of certain images will be changed starting with the maintenance on January 29.

Due to this change, players must re-download affected images when they log in for the first time after maintenance. Depending on the device's specifications and the connection to the network, this download may take some time. In addition, the download may not be successful if your device does not have enough free storage space. We kindly ask that players check how much free space is left on their device before beginning the download.

*This maintenance will only change part of the images. The remaining images will be changed in a subsequent maintenance.

▼App update notice
We released the latest version of the game to the iTunes and Google Play Stores on 1/23. Players are kindly asked to update the game at their earliest convenience. For further details, please check the respective store.

You will not be able to play during maintenance. In addition, we ask that you refrain from playing just before maintenance begins, as this may adversely affect your game data.

A notice will be posted in-game, on the News Site, and on Twitter/Facebook if the maintenance time or date changes.

We appreciate your understanding and support, and will do our utmost to continue providing an enjoyable play experience.

We hope you enjoy your journey across Terra!

The Terra Battle 2 Team