Enjoy double Stamina recovery until 9:00 PM PST on January 10!

Thank you for playing Terra Battle 2.

From the end of maintenance that began on December 27 and continuing for a limited time, if you spend Energy to recover your Stamina, you'll get twice the usual amount!

Take advantage of this great deal to play more quests than ever before!

■Campaign duration
Starting after maintenance on December 27
until 9:00 PM PST on January 10

■Campaign details
From the World screen, tap "Shop," then tap "Restore Stamina." Spend Energy, and you will receive an amount of Stamina equal to twice that of your maximum Stamina.

・Only Stamina recovered in the Shop by spending Energy will be doubled. Stamina recovered by increasing your Player Rank (or other non-Energy means) is exempt.
・After recovery, your current Stamina may exceed your maximum Stamina.

We hope you enjoy your journey across Terra!

The Terra Battle 2 Team