New Event Quest: Ajishi and Unjishi! Check out the Guardians and Companion from October Download Starter artist Miwa Komatsu!

Thank you for playing Terra Battle 2.

Monsters of modern art tear their way into Terra!

New event quest bosses Ajishi and Unijishi were drawn by the wonderful modern artist Miwa Komatsu as part of the October Download Starter.

They may look like nothing you've seen before, but rest assured—with the proper preparation and a little knowledge, they can be beaten! Ajishi is a Wind-type monster, making him vulnerable to your Lightning-type Guardians. Unjishi is a Darkness-type monster, meaning your Fire and Earth Guardians will really put in work!

A final word of warning: these two beastly brothers-in-arms fight best together. Who knows what kind of chaos they can cause when they team up against you in the final battle?

Available until further notice*

*In the future, the duration may be changed, or the quest may be removed.

▼Stamina cost
5 (Ajishi), 10 (Unjishi)

*To celebrate their release, we have halved the Stamina cost of these quests until 9:00 PM PST on December 27!

▼How to play
From the World screen, tap "Quests," then "Ajishi/Unjishi." Each boss has his own separate quest.

Clear the quests for a chance at the October Download Starter rewards: two Guardians and a Companion drawn by Miwa Komatsu.

But wait...there's more! In another first, Aijishi and Unjishi can be recoded into DNA or RNA forms!

・Ajishi (S Class Guardian)
A Wind-type Guardian. Recode to RNA and level to 90 to unlock "The Highest High," a special skill that deals Wind damage to enemies with the most HP. He's ideal for knocking strong enemies down a peg or two!

・Unjishi (S Class Guardian)
A Darkness-type Guardian. Recode to RNA and level to 90 to unlock "The Lowest Low," a special skill that deals Darkness damage to enemies with the least HP. He's ideal for finishing off any weakened stragglers!

・Cheekama (S Class Companion)
A Companion that provides "Regen," restoring HP every turn for three turns. He's ideal for taking the pressure off of your dedicated healers!

▼A message from Miwa Komatsu
We asked Miwa for a few words to mark the occasion of her art's debut in Terra Battle 2. The video can be found at the YouTube link below:

*Unfortunately, the video is only available in Japanese at this time.

To learn more about Miwa, visit her English website below:

■About the Download Starter
The Download Starter provides incentives for players to download Terra Battle 2 by offering various rewards. Possible rewards include custom art by famous artists, new game modes, new game content, and books/figurines featuring Terra Battle 2 characters.

Through this endeavor, we hope that various creators will come together and use the smartphone version as a starting point to turn our vision into an even greater reality.

For further details, visit the Terra Battle 2 website below:

We hope you enjoy your journey across Terra!

The Terra Battle 2 Team