Maintenance has ended (1:00 AM PST on December 21)

Thank you for playing Terra Battle 2.

During today's maintenance from 9:00 PM PST on December 20, we made the following updates:

■New Event Quest: Ajishi and Unjishi

■Updated Pact lineup

■End of pre-registration bonus distribution
As previously reported, the distribution of pre-registration bonuses has come to an end. When new players begin the game, their characters will have new equipment as follows:

・Sarah's Garb changed to Robe of Purity
・Sarah's Shortsword changed to Brave Edge

・Khem's Staff changed to Sparkling Staff

*The new equipment is roughly equivalent to the old equipment.
*The old equipment has not been changed or taken away.
*The new equipment will not be given to players who received the old equipment.

■Improvements to existing features and fixes for known issues
→App update notice
We released the latest version of the Android application to the Google Play Store. Android users should download the latest version of the application.

→Improvements to existing features
・Weapon and armor icons now show their category (sword, spear, helm, hat, etc.) in the lower-right corner.
・Weapons and armor can now be sorted by category.

→Fixes for known issues
The following issues were resolved during this maintenance:

・During the Peach Boy quest that is unlocked in Chapter 8, you face the dog, monkey, and pheasant as enemies. When they are near the cart of sweet dumplings, they are supposed to steal a sweet dumpling from it, but they attack nearby enemies instead.

・The "Back for More" achievement goal does not clearly state that the player must log in for a continuous number of days.

・When a party is marked "out questing," characters cannot be swapped into or out of any party, regardless of whether or not the party in question is questing. (This issue does not affect Guardians, equipment, or companions.)
→Once the quest is cleared or has been quit, characters can be swapped into and out of all parties again.

・If the game is closed after a Guardian uses the "Jump" or "Dive" skill, they do not re-appear on the battlefield when the battle is resumed.

・When equipping a different weapon or armor from the Setup screen, the equipment stats shown on the "before/after" portions of the screen are incorrect. →This is a cosmetic issue and does not reflect the actual stats.

・When positive (buffs) and/or negative (debuffs) status effects of the same type were applied to a unit on the field map, the Guardian details screen shows multiple status effect icons.
→This is a cosmetic issue and does not reflect the actual statuses.

・The game forcibly exits under certain conditions during co-op play.

・The Player Rank EXP Gauge at the top of the screen does not show the amount of earned EXP properly.
Issue: The gauge shows the amount of EXP needed to reach the next rank by a Rank 1 player (ex. for Rank 8 players, Rank 1 to Rank 9)
Resolution: The gauge shows the amount of EXP needed to reach the next rank (ex. for Rank 8 players, Rank 8 to Rank 9)
Due to this correction, the amount of EXP that you had before maintenance on 12/20 may appear less than the amount you have now, but only the display has changed. (The cumulative amount of EXP earned remains the same.)

As compensation for this maintenance, we have sent 3 Normal Energy to the Inbox of every account that existed before maintenance began.

We appreciate your understanding and support, and will do our utmost to continue providing an enjoyable play experience.

We hope you enjoy your journey across Terra!

The Terra Battle 2 Team