New players get bonuses with the Try Terra Campaign!

Thank you for playing Terra Battle 2.

From the end of maintenance on December 14, the "Try Terra" campaign offers special login bonuses for new players!

These login bonuses are sure to help get your Terra adventure off on the right foot. All you have to do is log in!

■Campaign duration
Starting after maintenance on December 14 (as a special login bonus)

■Eligible players
Players who started playing after 11:00 AM PST on November 30, 2017

■Campaign rewards
1st day: Doomshroom x 1 (Companion)
2nd day: Pact of Resolve ticket x 1
3rd day: Metal Ticket x 30
4th day: Monstrous Heart x 5
5th day: Monstrous Soul x 5
6th day: Co-op Medal x 100
7th day: Normal Energy x 40

・At present, this campaign does not have an ending date. We will post a separate notice when it ends.
・The login bonus timer resets daily at 11:00 AM PST.
・"Try Terra" campaign rewards do not have to be claimed daily. However, each reward can only be claimed once.
・"Try Terra" campaign rewards can be claimed together with the standard login bonus.

▼About Doomshroom, the new Companion
Doomshroom is a new S Class Companion with the following skill that activates on the field map:

[F] Doomshroom
Damages all enemies in the battle box.

*Doomshroom can also be obtained as an achievement reward.
*The damage done by this skill does not increase when additional Doomshrooms are equipped.

▼About the Pact of Resolve (Ticket)
Only S Class or higher Guardians appear in the Pact of Resolve (Ticket). You must spend a Pact of Resolve ticket to forge, and you may forge once per ticket.

Pact of Resolve tickets can be obtained from pre-registration rewards, promotional campaigns, and other sources.

To use a Pact of Resolve ticket, tap "Fores" on the main menu, then tap the "Pact of Resolve (Ticket)" banner.

To see who or what appears in the Pact and the rates at which they appear, tap the "?" and "Rates" buttons on the Fores screen.

We hope you enjoy your journey across Terra!

The Terra Battle 2 Team