Chapter 8, Once Upon a Time, now available, complete with five new quests!

Thank you for playing Terra Battle 2.

During today's maintenance from 9:00 PM PST on November 29, we added the latest chapter in the Terra Battle 2 saga: Chapter 8, Once Upon a Time.

At the same time, we added five new quests, each with its own complete story. These quests tie in with the story of Chapter 8, and best of all, feature artwork from famed comic artist Kino Takahashi!

■Chapter 8, Once Upon a Time
Players who have completed Chapter 7, Heart and Soul, can continue their Terra Battle 2 story by selecting Chapter 8 from the world map.

After some emotional highs and lows coupled with death-defying rescues, what does this mysterious new land hold in store for our heroes...?


It appears in legends passed down
from father to son, mother to daughter.

The stories spoke of a land
that captivated the hearts of men,
sank its claws in, and never let go.
This land took everything away
and gave not a single thing back.

It was a land of innumerable tales
at times both fanciful and frightening,
with heroes and villains of all types
and happenings both good and bad.

But should you end up spending
too long in that terrible land,
before your eyes, fantasy turns to reality,
and in no time at all, you find that
you've become a character yourself.

The tales all start the same way:

"Once upon a time..."


■Chapter 8 quests
Explore the Chapter 8 field map to find books that will unlock each new quest. Once unlocked, these quests can be played by tapping "Quests" on the main menu, then tapping the "Once Upon a Time" banner.

▼Five classic tales retold with a Terra Battle 2 twist!
Think you know Cinderella? Think again! The lovestruck princess and four other timeless tales have been given a makeover with charming designs drawn by Kino Takahashi, but it's not only the visuals that have changed. The stories themselves have been given a unique spin by the Mistwalker writing team!

▼Branching paths add variety and replayability!
Each quest plays out differently depending on what happens during the battles. Fail to protect an ally, and you may find their hopes and dreams dashed forever. On the other hand, do well enough and you may just get a fairy-tale ending! ▼Collect new Guardians drawn in a unique style! Want a Guardian for your party that really stands out? Kino Takahashi's light-hearted, cute designs contrast well with the more serious, realistic designs of the existing Guardians. Kino Takahashi-designed Guardians drop during the new quests, so grab your favorite, or collect them all!

*Note: these quests are currently available for an unlimited time, but may be removed at a later date.

▼A message to players from Kino Takahashi
I hope you're as excited as I am to see what happens when my crazy characters meet the Terra Battle 2 crew.

(That's right...even I don't know just yet...)

I have a feeling that these quests will make you think, "wait...this IS Terra Battle 2, right?" So prepare yourself for something completely different.

Between my cute-as-a-button designs and Ms. Nishikawa's (of Mistwalker) roller coaster ride of a story, you'll surely find something to like!

▽About Kino Takahashi
An illustrator and comic artist whose simple yet expressive style has graced everything from four-panel comic strips to promotional goods.

Her current series, "Kobouzu Terra Meguri," is full of Terra Battle 2 goodness! (Regrettably, it is only available in Japanese at this time.)

We hope you enjoy your journey across Terra!

The Terra Battle 2 Team