Team up to defeat Clockwork Construct!

Team Up to Defeat Clockwork Construct (Easy)!

From: after maintenance on 11/30/2017
To: will be announced at a later date
Stamina cost: 0 to join, 10 to host
Recommended level: 45 and above (lower-level Guardians can still participate)

■Fight, win, profit!
Join up to nine other players in the battle against Clockwork Construct. The victorious will be rewarded with Co-op Medals that are necessary to recode Guardians, so it's definitely worth the effort!

■It's not just medals!
Clockwork Construct also has a small chance to drop new equipment and Companions. If you don't get any on your first try, don't worry. There's always next time!

Rewards are distributed to each player based on their amount of damage and/or healing done (as well as other factors).

■About Co-op Play
In Co-op Play, you complete quests in cooperation with other players in real-time. Each player controls two Units (two Characters and two Guardians). Unlike single-player, you don't have the luxury of taking your time with your turns. Everyone only has a certain amount of time to act before the enemy takes their turn.

Defeat Clockwork Construct within the allotted time to claim victory. If your squad cannot defeat it before time runs out, then the quest will end in failure. If your Units are defeated in Co-op Play, they will be revived after a certain number of turns. The number of turns you have to wait will increase each time your Units are defeated.

This co-op quest is designed for level 45 Guardians. Beef up your team by playing the story or Metal Zone quests, then show Clockwork Construct who's boss!

Fight well, and good luck!

The Terra Battle 2 Team